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Few firms in the hedge fund industry can be classified into the "diamond in the rough" category like HedgeCo. We first became acquainted with HedgeCo back when our fund launched and we were looking for a reputable firm to design our website. As we were perusing other fund's sites, we noticed a general theme that many happened to be designed by the same firm, HedgeCo Websites. We reached out to them and found ourselves talking directly with the CEO himself, Evan Rapoport, which was a nice touch. Evan's extremely dynamic and energetic personality along with his command in the hedge fund world gave us the confidence to engage them to design our site. The team was quick to begin, met deadlines on time and the end product has garnered much praise from fellow managers. Later, realizing that HedgeCo also facilitated capital raising opportunities, we reached back out to them. HedgeCo helped smoothly transition a move to a new broker platform that could better suit our needs while at the same time putting us in touch with a number of institutional investors that has turned out to be extremely fruitful. They invited us out to an emerging manager's conference in Chicago which helped amplify our exposure to the hedge fund arena. HedgeCo's efforts has helped us triple our firm's assets under management within a year. Evan and his team have been an unrelenting source of information and help as our firm maneuvers through the emerging manager stage and would be an indispensible asset to anyone in the hedge fund business.

Kevin Lennil
Partner, Chief Investment Officer
Exagroup, LLC

Owning your own broker/dealer has its advantages. The profits alone can make it well worth your while. Having a broker/dealer can open the door to doing your own trading and investment banking.  A broker/dealer can also add that certain something to your company, heightening your reputation and name.

However, broker/dealer start-ups require an intense amount of effort and personnel.  The lengthy registration process and course of hurdles make the set-up and operation of a broker/dealer laborious and time-consuming.  Many times, firms submit the initial registration forms, only to be discouraged by the on-going requests for documentation and the constant back-and-forth communication with FINRA.

That is where HedgeFundPackages comes in.  Our experts have helped to set up numerous broker/dealers, expediting the start-up process tremendously.  Working with you to gather the necessary forms and documents, HedgeFundPackages can generally complete the process from start to finish in about 4-5 months.  The team at HedgeFundPackages has the experience, expertise and vast industry contacts needed for setting up a successful broker/dealer. 

What's more, HedgeFundPackages will employ personnel to run your broker/dealer for you.  FINRA has strict requirements when it comes to who may run a broker/dealer.  Their approval will be dependent on whether or not you have a competent, reputable representative to run the company.  Allowing HedgeFundPackages to run your broker/dealer has many advantages to you, the owner.  Not only will we be instrumental in launching in the company, HedgeFundPackages will take care of all the continuing compliance and business procedures as required by FINRA and the SEC.       

Starting your Broker-Dealer

At HedgeFundPackages, we have helped dozens of individuals launch their own broker-dealers.  We do all the behind-the-scenes work so you are freed up to focus on your growing your business.

Whether you are starting a broker-dealer or in the middle of a stalled application, HedgeFundPackages can help.  Here is a look at what our start-up service entails:

  • Initial Consultation
  • Construction of your business plan
  • Preparation of the Form BD
  • Application for FINS#
  • Completion of Form U4
  • Construction of a Written Supervisory Procedures Manual to satisfy FINRA requirements
  • State registrations
  • Help determine which licenses, if any, your representatives will need
  • Application for Fidelity bond
  • Preparation for FINRA membership interview
  • Establishment of an Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Program
  • Establishment of a Customer Identification Program
  • Focus on a continuing business plan
  • Registration with Lost and Stolen Securities Program
  • Deal with all follow-ups with FINRA once forms are submitted