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"As Investment Managers our time is spent trading the markets.  When it came to setting up our hedge fund and navigating the various legal agencies involved, we were definitely out of our element.  Fortunately, Evan Rapoport with Hedge Fund Tools was able to act as both a guide and a consultant.  With Evan’s help we were able to form our Funds both inexpensively and with absolute assurance that all the legal aspects were properly handled.  Evan not only introduced us to a number of different service providers, but gave us a background on each, pointing out their strengths and weaknesses."

"Having gone through the complete process, we wouldn’t even begin forming a new fund without Evan being part of the process."

Dan Miller
Great Hills Capital Partners, LLC

With over 10,000 hedge funds managing $3 trillion in investments, many managers don't know where to begin.  The team at Hedge Fund Packages has helped dozens of hedge fund managers to launch their funds.  Our extensive industry contacts and our specialized expertise in the hedge fund arena enable us to focus our attention on building your fund from the ground up.  Here is an idea of what you can expect from Hedge Fund Packages:

  • Initial consultation
  • Construction of your business plan
  • Devising your investment strategy
  • Outlining your budget and timeline of completion
  • Defining your fee structure
  • Introduction to Legal team to handle the fund documents and the necessary registrations
  • Choosing a prime broker
  • Setting you up with a high level administrator familiar with your specific fund strategy
  • Aligning you with an auditor who will provide year-end tax work for the Limited Partnership, K-1's for the investors and a full audit for the fund
  • Capital introductions
  • Devising your marketing strategy and budget
  • Planning and building your website, marketing materials and PowerPoint presentation, all of which will be fully SEC compliant
  • Inclusion of your fund on HedgeCo.Net, the premier hedge fund database
  • Securing your attendance at various hedge fund conferences all over the United States
  • Exclusive fund launch article that will be emailed to over 38,000 members, as well as be distributed through other various channels
  • On-going consultation for the first full year